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Overcoming Summertime Vestibular Challenges

Summer Tips for Vestibular Disorders

The hot weather, outdoor activities, and travel adventures of summer can be challenging for those living with a chronic vestibular or balance disorder. 

These articles offer helpful tips for managing dizziness and imbalance during summer:

Summer Challenges for Vestibular Patients

Managing Summer Activities and Vestibular Disorders

Summer Heat and Migraine Dizziness

Summer Survival Strategies

Ways to Combat Motion Sickness

Traveling with Dizziness (Adventures in “Dizzyland”)


Ways to Stay Cool with a Vestibular Disorder

By Julie Grove MPT of Cascade Dizziness & Balance PT

    • Heat and warmth can increase sensations of nausea.
    • When dizziness, vertigo, anxiety, or nausea/vomiting occur quickly apply cold towels to neck/head.
    • Move to a cool space, if safe, or feel the tactile (touch) receptors against a building wall.
    • Use cool/cold sensations to distract you (your brain) from the strong feelings of nausea.
    • Use natural anti-nausea foods: ginger and peppermint.
    • Reduce your body’s autonomic nervous system reactionary fight/flight to nausea/dizziness.

(Info from Calm Cool and Compensated blog post)


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