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Summer Survival Strategies

Enjoy Summer While Living with Chronic Illness

Summertime can be a challenging season for those living with a chronic illness. At a recent support group meeting, we discussed ways to beat the heat, manage summer social activities, and enjoy travel and other adventures with a chronic vestibular or balance disorder. Here are some strategies to make the most of the short summer months while living with a chronic illness:

Ways to Stay Cool with a Vestibular or Balance Disorder

By Julie Grove MPT of Cascade Dizziness & Balance PT

    • Heat and warmth can increase sensations of nausea.
    • When dizziness, vertigo, anxiety, or nausea/vomiting occur quickly apply cold towels to neck/head.
    • Move to a cool space, if safe, or feel the tactile (touch) receptors against a building wall.
    • Use cool/cold sensations to distract you (your brain) from the strong feelings of nausea.
    • Use natural anti-nausea foods: ginger and peppermint.
    • Reduce your body’s autonomic nervous system reactionary fight/flight to nausea/dizziness.

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