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Ways to Explain the Energy Limitations of Chronic Illness

Helpful Analogies to Explain the Energy Impacts of Activity when Living with a Chronic Illness

It can be challenging to explain to healthy friends and family about the energy limitations of living with a chronic illness and how fatigue impacts daily activity choices.  Those who are chronically ill have a very limited amount of energy each day as compared to those who are healthy.  It can be difficult to accomplish much when every activity costs energy and too quickly brings on fatigue.

These infographics illustrate The Spoon Theory and The Battery Analogy to explain the energy impacts of activity when living with a chronic illness:



These articles offer various ways to explain to others how symptoms and fatigue impact the activity level of the chronically ill:

The Spoon Theory

Warning: Low Battery (what living with chronic fatigue is really like)

Are You an Unchargeable or a Spoonie?

How I Talk to my Friends about my Chronic Illness: The Watering Can Analogy

16 Metaphors for Chronic Illness

Balancing Activity and Rest



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