Support Group Meetings & Activities Calendar

Seattle Dizzy Group Events are FREE to attend.

Friends and family are always welcome to accompany dizzy loved ones.

We hope you can join us!

Meeting Details:

Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Saturday afternoon of each month.

*Meeting date/time may vary depending on library meeting room availability*

A few basic snacks are provided as well as hot water for Via coffee and tea.
You are invited to bring something yummy to share for a light potluck lunch.

(Please note there are no kitchen facilities).

Meeting Location:

Green Lake Library Meeting Room
7364 E. Green Lake Dr. N. Seattle, WA 98115


The Library Meeting Room is located on the lower level of the library.

There is a direct handicap accessible entrance off of the library parking lot.

Park for free in the library lot or across the street in the Green Lake lot. Or, there is plenty of nearby street parking available (paid and free options).


RSVP appreciated.  Or, feel free to just show up.

See Activities page for more information.

If you have questions about Support Group Meetings and Activities, please contact us via website form or email

November 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Nov 4th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

*We are meeting the 1st Saturday of the month due to library closure on 11/11/17*

This meeting we will have a Guest Speaker on the topic of
“Hearing Loss/Impairment”

Many people with a vestibular disorder are impacted by hearing loss. Audiologist Mary Henry of Swedish Balance Center will share and discuss with us about hearing impairment, including possible causes, testing, and tips for helping to compensate. Those who aren’t hearing impaired will also learn suggestions for communicating with people living with hearing loss.

More information about our speaker:

October 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Oct. 14th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

This meeting we will be celebrating 11 years together!

October marks eleven years that we have been meeting as a support group.  We will share group highlights and favorite personal memories and also hear your suggestions and ideas for the future.

As part of our celebration, you will have the chance to win a drawing for FREE Seattle Dizzy Group items!

September 2017

Walk for Balance Event – Sat, Sept. 23rd – 12 pm at Green Lake

In celebration of Balance Awareness Week and Falls Prevention Awareness Day/Week, Seattle Dizzy Group will host our Seventh Annual Walk for Balance Event at Green Lake.  This is a fun community event where we will “Walk a Mile in Dizzy Shoes” together to help create greater awareness for vestibular and balance disorders and show our support for people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance–in Seattle and beyond.

Save the date and plan to join us!

More information and event details:

July & August 2017

No Support Group Meeting

We will take a summer break and will not meet in July or August.

June 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, June 10th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

This meeting we will have a Friends and Family Potluck.

This will be a fun time and a great opportunity to show our appreciation for those who help and care for us as well as a chance for our loved ones to learn more about vestibular disorders and the challenges of living with chronic dizziness and imbalance.  We’ll invite friends and family to share their perspective with us and also give them the opportunity to ask questions so that they might better understand what we’re going through and how to offer support to us.  We’ll also discuss strategies and travel tips for summer.

Please bring something yummy to share for a light potluck lunch.

(Note:  There are no kitchen facilities).

Bring your friends and family.  Or, come by yourself.  No guests required.

May 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, May 13th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library
This meeting our discussion topic will be:

“Balancing Activity & Rest”

We will discuss ways to balance activity and rest while living with a chronic vestibular disorder. We will talk about the energy costs of activity and share strategies for getting adequate rest.

April 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, April 8th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library
This meeting we will have a Guest Speaker on the topic of

“Exercise & Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance”

Exercising can be difficult if you have a balance or dizziness disorder. This can make you avoid exercising, which can lead to more problems. Myra Emami, PT, NCS of Cascade Dizziness and Balance PT will discuss strategies to modify exercises so that you can be successful. We will also learn about a form of Tai Chi called Tai Chi Moving For Better Balance, which is a research-based exercise program that effectively demonstrated reduced falls, risk of falls, and fear of falling. Additionally, we will practice a few exercises to improve your balance.

More information about our speaker: 

March 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Mar 11th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library
This meeting we will have a Guest Speaker on the topic of


Tinnitus is a medical condition that causes the sensation of noises such as buzzing, ringing, chirping, or other sounds. It is not a hallucination even though other people are not able to hear it. It is not a mental illness although it can cause symptoms such as anxiety and depression and irritability.

About 17% of people of all ages get it, but it is twice as common in the elderly. While most people with tinnitus don’t suffer enough to need treatment, about 25% of those affected have intrusive tinnitus that can interfere with daily activity and sleep and cause great distress.

In this discussion Dr. Richard Wyckoff will share the latest scientific evidence regarding what causes tinnitus. He will emphasize neuropsychological discoveries and a new integrative approach that he is using to treat tinnitus patients

More information about our speaker:

February 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Feb 11th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library
This meeting our discussion topic will be:

“Self Care”

We will discuss self care ideas for coping with a chronic vestibular or balance disorder.

January 2017

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Jan 14th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library
This meeting we will have a Guest Speaker on the topic of

“Decreasing Fatigue Naturally”

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints in primary care practices and the things that can cause fatigue are as numerous and varied as the individuals who seek help. Come join Dr. Jennifer Pilon, Naturopathic Physician from the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, for a discussion about managing fatigue naturally. We will discuss common medical, emotional, and foundational causes of fatigue and have an in-depth discussion of a select few causes that tend to be overlooked by the conventional medical community. You will leave empowered with practical steps to move toward a life of increased energy and vitality!

More information about our speaker:

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*Seattle Dizzy Group meetings and activities are open to the public and are not sponsored by The Seattle Public Library.*

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