Balance Wristbands


Hands In Balance Wristbands Walk for Balance Event 2017

BALANCE Wristbands

Wear Blue for Balance!

Help raise awareness for vestibular/balance disorders and show your support for people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance by wearing a BALANCE wristband.  A great way for friends and family to show they care!  A fun and fashionable way to express your desire for balance in life.

   Donate $5 or more to Seattle Dizzy Group 

& receive a free BALANCE Wristband!


*Free domestic shipping*

$5 international shipping

Additional wristbands available upon request.

(Donate $4 each for quantities of 5 or more wristbands)


Your Donation Helps Support Seattle Dizzy Group!

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(Donations to Seattle Dizzy Group are not tax deductible at this time)


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  1. […] In 2011, Seattle Dizzy Group increased our efforts to raise awareness and came up with the idea to create Balance Awareness Wristbands.  At that point in time there was no official awareness color for vestibular and balance disorders, so our group voted and chose a royal blue color. Since then, we’ve been encouraging everyone to “Wear Blue for Balance.” (It’s so great that our Seattle Dizzy Group phrase has caught on and we’re seeing more and more online posts from around the world echoing “Wear Blue for Balance”). As for the blue BALANCE Wristbands we created, we send them to people worldwide who wear them with a sense of solidarity with others seeking balance.  We also encourage friends and family to wear our BALANCE Wristbands as a fun, fashionable way to show they care. (Get yours free with a donation to Seattle Dizzy Group! […]

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