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Stay Connected in 2021

Join Us Online in 2021!

Seattle Dizzy Group is a respected leader in the vestibular and balance disorders patient support community with increasing national and global reach. (Read about our 2020 Highlights below). We hope you will stay connected with us online in 2021 and help us continue to grow, provide community, and offer support to people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance–in Seattle and beyond.  With your help, we can continue to expand community outreach and involvement (including hosting professional speakers on various vestibular/balance topics and connecting with local health providers/resources) and also increase our advocacy efforts to raise awareness about vestibular and balance disorders (including participating in our annual Balance Awareness Week event, see Making a Difference for Balance Awareness).

Get Involved!

Seattle Dizzy Group is organized entirely by volunteers (the majority who are personally impacted by chronic dizziness and imbalance). We invite you to get involved and contribute to our group however you are able. Spread the word about Seattle Dizzy Group and invite others to join us. Share Seattle Dizzy Group information and resources with others. Participate in online zoom meetings and discussions. For more info, email:

We are an independent, self-supporting not-for-profit group funded solely through donations. As we continue to grow and expand our outreach efforts, we are naturally incurring more expenses. Our goal is to continue to offer at no charge support and resources to those in need in the vestibular community–in Seattle and beyond. Please consider supporting Seattle Dizzy Group with a financial gift to help us keep growing and thriving in 2020!  (Any donation amount is greatly appreciated!).

Ways Your Financial Gift Helps Seattle Dizzy Group:

  • Provides materials, supplies, and hosting for monthly support group meetings.  (Each meeting costs about $25, or about $300 annually).
  • Provides thank you gifts for guest speakers. (As funds allow, we strive to honor speakers with about $25 value gift, or about $100 annually).
  • Provides administrative support, online services/resources, and website hosting, etc.  (Administrative costs are about $500 annually).
  • Provides funding for Balance Awareness Week event(s) and other group activities.  (Costs may be about $50-$100 or more per activity).
To give Seattle Dizzy Group a donation of any amount by credit card or PayPal, click the “Donate” button below.

PayPal Donate

(Gifts to Seattle Dizzy Group are not tax deductible at this time)

THANK YOU for your support!

2020 Highlights

  • In 2020, Seattle Dizzy Group adapted to health recommendations and started meeting online through zoom. We discussed ways to overcome the challenges of connecting virtually and heard from guest speakers about “Adjusting to Visual Environment” and “Keeping Balanced in the Home.” We also partnered with Vestibular Therapy Specialists for “Boost Your Brain’s Balance” online events. This series features speakers who share tips on how to improve your brain’s daily balance.
  • In September, instead of meeting in-person for our annual Walk for Balance event, we hosted a “Show Your Dizzy Spirit” photo/video contest in celebration of Balance Awareness Week and Falls Prevention Awareness Day/Week with a goal of raising awareness for vestibular and balance disorders and showing our support for people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance. We received really creative entries and gave Dizzy Spirit Awards as well as Amazon gift cards to the winners.
  • In October, we celebrated 14 years together as a support group!

  • In 2020, we continued to expand our online services/resources including starting a Seattle Dizzy Group YouTube channel. Seattle Dizzy Group reached thousands of people around the globe this year! (For example, our website/blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2020 by visitors from over 100 different countries worldwide!). Additionally, we gained followers on Facebook and  Twitter, and increased membership of our MeetUp Group.  We appreciate everyone who connected online with Seattle Dizzy Group in 2020 and are especially grateful for all those who helped get the word out about our group and shared our posts/resources with others.

See also: Past Annual Highlights

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