Balance Awareness Week

Balance Awareness Spirit

Join Seattle Dizzy Group in celebrating Balance Awareness Week (September 19-25, 2021) & Falls Prevention Awareness Week (September 20-24, 2021)!

This year, instead of meeting in-person for our annual Walk for Balance Event, we hope you’ll participate with us virtually.

Show Your Dizzy Spirit!

Online Photo/Video Contest & Giveaway

September 19– 25, 2021


Show your spirit and enter Seattle Dizzy Group’s online contest and giveaway by posting a balance-focused photo or short video on social media to help raise awareness about vestibular disorders and show support for those living with dizziness and imbalance.

We will give “Dizzy Spirit Awards” for Wearing the Most Blue for Balance, Most Dizzy Group Spirit, Best Use of Balance Aids, Perseverance, etc.

We would also like to honor an Outstanding Balance Support Person (nominate someone special who helps you).

*Each contest participant will also be entered into a drawing to win giveaway items such as gift cards & Seattle Dizzy Group gear!*

Vestibular Therapy Specialists will send a lucky winner their choice of one of these great books: Rock Steady by Joey Remenyi, Victory over Vestibular Migraine by Dr. Shin Beh, The Dizzy Cook Cookbook !

Have fun! We are very excited to see your creative entries!


Use hashtags #DizzySpiritAwards #SeattleDizzyGroup and post *publicly* on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram an original photo or short video (5 minutes or less) which shows how you are celebrating Balance Awareness Week and Falls Prevention Awareness Week.

(For example, walking for balance, or doing a balance challenge exercise, or dressing for balance awareness, or expressing yourself through artwork, photography, poem, or song, etc.).

Or, you may share an original photo or video about how you personally find balance or prevent falls, or how you cope with or overcome vestibular challenges, etc.

We are also happy to receive your photo or video by email at:

Contest runs Sunday, September 19th – Friday, September 30th

-Winners will be announced the first week of October.
-Prizes will be mailed to winners in October.
-Anyone in the WA State vestibular community may enter, including supportive friends and family.
-You may submit multiple photos or videos, but will only be entered once into the giveaway drawing.

About Balance Awareness Week & Falls Prevention Awareness Day/Week:

More information about Balance Awareness Week:

More information about Falls Prevention Awareness Day:

More information about Falls Prevention Awareness Week:

See also, how Seattle Dizzy is Making a Difference for Balance Awareness

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    • My name is Sharon and I live in Star Idaho. The vestibular nerve in my right ear is 100% non functional. I have been living with this for 9 months now. I have come a long way since then and am trying to settle in to this being a life time balance problem. I am 72 years old and did not see the rest of my life this way. I go to physical therapy now and have two more visits. My brain and my eyes have compensated for the nerve somewhat. I have learned a lot about the job of tracking with my eyes and am fascinated with the connection of eyes and balance. My daughter told me about this sight on the internet and that is how I found you. I don’t see a ton of current activity. I thought there would be more comments from people but maybe this isn’t the place to look. I find it very interesting that there are enough people with this problem that a group has been formed here. To all of you that read this and have this problem I sympathize with you and understand all you endure on a daily basis. Be strong and roll with each day. Fondly Sharon

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