Founded in 2006 as Washington State’s first vestibular support group, Seattle Dizziness & Balance Disorders Support Group (aka Seattle Dizzy Group TM or SDG) provides support and community for people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance–in Seattle and beyond.

Seattle Dizzy Group welcomes anyone who suffers from any sort of dizziness/vertigo or balance dysfunction or vestibular/inner ear disorder (and any interested friends and family)–even if you don’t live in Seattle.  We invite you to connect with others impacted by dizziness and imbalance, share your experiences and struggles, support and encourage one another, ask questions, discuss, find answers together, and help raise awareness.

Seattle Dizzy Group is a respected leader in the vestibular & balance disorders patient support community with increasing national & global reach. 

Join Us and Help Make a Difference in 2018!


Seattle Dizzy Group recognizes the challenges of living with chronic dizziness and imbalance and provides an opportunity for sufferers of vestibular dysfunction to connect with one another, share experiences and struggles, find understanding and support, increase awareness of inner ear and balance disorders and treatment options, and learn ways to cope with and manage symptoms through group discussion, informative sessions, and helpful resources.

Support Group Meetings & Activities:

Support group meetings and activities are intended for those personally affected by dizziness and balance disorders (and their loved ones) so that they might connect in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment with others facing similar health challenges who can empathize with what they are going through in order that they might be encouraged in the realization and affirmation that they are not alone in their struggle with vestibular dysfunction.

Seattle Dizzy Group Meetings & Activities are FREE to attend.

Friends & family are always welcome to accompany dizzy loved ones.

See Activities page for more info & Calendar for upcoming event details.

Seattle Dizzy Group currently meets monthly at Green Lake Library:
Green Lake Library Meeting Room
7364 E. Green Lake Dr. N. Seattle, WA 98115


Please Note:  Seattle Dizzy Group relocated in 2013 to a neutral meeting space (Green Lake Library) so that all local balance clinics and vestibular care providers may feel equally comfortable referring patients to Seattle Dizzy Group. (Any events/activities any Seattle area vestibular/balance clinic or group may independently offer are separate from and are not sponsored by or associated with Seattle Dizzy Group).

All Seattle Dizzy Group Meetings & Activities are announced on our website (www.seattledizzygroup.org/activities/calendar), Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/SeattleDizzyGroup/events), and Meetup Group (www.meetup.com/Seattle-Dizzy-Group).

If you have questions about Support Group Meetings & Activities, contact us (via website form or email info@SeattleDizzyGroup.org).

Seattle Dizzy Group Online:

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/SeattleDizzyGrp

Meetup Group:  www.meetup.com/Seattle-Dizzy-Group

Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/SeattleDizzyGroup

Opportunities for Involvement:

There are many ways to be involved with Seattle Dizzy Group and we would love for you to share your gifts and abilities with us!  If you are interested in volunteering or helping with the group in any way or if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please be sure to let us know.  Contact us via website form or email info@SeattleDizzyGroup.org.

Seattle Dizzy Group participants are expected to comply with all guidelines/policies which are meant to provide and maintain a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment. Participants are expected to review and keep themselves updated regarding disclaimer and policy information. Thank you! (www.seattledizzygroup.org/about/policies)

Support Seattle Dizzy Group: 

Seattle Dizzy Group is an independent and self-supporting not-for-profit group that is organized by volunteers and funded through donations.

Please consider supporting Seattle Dizzy Group with a donation.

To give Seattle Dizzy Group a donation of any amount by credit card or PayPal, click the “Donate” button below.

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(Gifts to Seattle Dizzy Group are not tax deductible at this time)

See Donate page for more info about how you can help support us.

THANK YOU for your support!

© Copyright 2012-2018, Seattle Dizzy Group. All rights reserved.

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Seattle Dizzy Group

Providing support & community for people living with chronic dizziness & imbalance -- in Seattle & beyond

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