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Be a Chronic Illness Ally

Ways to Better Support the Chronically Ill

About half of people currently have a chronic condition of some sort.  So, the likelihood is that if you are not personally chronically ill, someone you love is living with a chronic illness (which may not be obvious to others).

Even if the symptoms and impacts of chronic illness sometimes seem “invisible”, one of the very best things that friends and family can do to support a chronically ill loved is to tell them “I believe you.”

These articles share great suggestions for how to be a better chronic illness ally as well as ways to offer help and support to chronically ill loved ones:

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Choose to Be a Better Ally to the Chronically Ill & Disabled 

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100 Ways to Show Up for People with a Chronic Illness 

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7 Ways to Be a Better Friend to Someone with Chronic Illness (and 3 Things You Should Never Do)

How to Be There for a Friend Who is Going Through an Incurable Medical Condition

Key Ways to Offer Support to a Friend with Chronic Illness

5 Things to Know about Supporting Your Chronically Ill Friend 

5 Things the Chronically Ill Want “Healthy People” to Know

5 Things to Say to Your Friend with Chronic Illness

5 Important Things to Know if You Have a Chronically Ill Spouse

“But You Don’t Look Sick” Understanding Invisible Illness Infographic

Learn to See Invisible Illness

Understanding Invisible Illness

Chronic Illness Facts

Ways to Maintain Healthy Relationships & Social Activity Despite the Challenges of Living with Chronic Illness


Show Your Support for People Living with Vestibular & Balance Disorders!

September 15-21, 2019 is Balance Awareness Week! This is a great opportunity to help raise awareness for vestibular and balance disorders and show your support as a chronic illness ally!

Find out how you can get involved at

Help Raise Awareness with Seattle Dizzy Group!


In celebration of Balance Awareness Week, Seattle Dizzy Group will host our Annual Walk for Balance Event on Saturday, September 21, 2019 (12-2:30 pm at Green Lake).  Join us for this fun community event where we will “Walk a Mile in Dizzy Shoes” together to help create greater awareness for vestibular and balance disorders and show our support for people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance–in Seattle and beyond.

Event details:

(Also, find out how Seattle Dizzy Group is Making a Difference for Balance Awareness)


Walk for Balance TM



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