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Hope for the New Year

Staying Hopeful While Chronically Ill

As we enter a new year, having a hopeful outlook can help improve our quality of life despite the challenges of chronic illness.

“The kind of hope I need isn’t ignorant of the hard realities of chronic illness. I know that no amount of hope will make this new year trouble-free. There will be hard days ahead, days that will take more than hope to get through.

But I have to keep trusting that even on the difficult days there can be golden moments that make the struggle worth it. I have to keep remembering that I am and always will be more than an illness. I have to believe that some of my dreams for the future can still be fulfilled.

Hope reminds me that while the past is now set in stone, the future hasn’t been written yet. I cannot control what comes to pass. But I can choose the way I approach it.”

Choosing Hope in the New Year as a Person With a Chronic Illness | The Mighty

“So, I’m learning that hope is a dance. An ebb and a flow. A holding onto both feelings — the peace and acceptance that I may never be totally “better” in the way that I want, but also the ray of light that beams through the cracked door. An attitude of openness and true receptivity of what is being presented to me, even when it’s really difficult. And allowing space for the possibility of healing in the way I so deserve. We all deserve it.”

Changing the Way I Define Hope in Life With Chronic Illness (

“When illness strikes, hope takes on new meaning,” Dr. Harpham says. “Healthy hope is the belief that you can help improve your situation and feel happier. You can cultivate genuine hope even when you are acutely aware that things are not going well and the likelihood of a good outcome is small. Hope is an ongoing choice.”

Nourishing Hope When Illness Seems Hopeless – The New York Times (

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