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Balancing Activity and Rest

Importance of Resting with a Chronic Illness

It can be challenging to balance activity and rest with a chronic illness. Every activity costs energy and too quickly brings on fatigue. For the chronically ill, “making the most of each day” includes getting adequate rest.

This infographic illustrates The Spoon Theory which is a helpful tool for explaining the energy impacts of activity while living with a chronic illness:

Spoon Theory infographic - Mollys Fund edit


These articles discuss energy limitations and offer strategies for increasing activity level and managing fatigue while living with a chronic illness:

The Spoon Theory

With Chronic Illness, I Will Always Pay Tomorrow for What I Do Today

When Our Chronically Ill Bodes Say “Rest” Why Don’t We? 

Tips on Increasing Your Activity Level & Managing Fatigue

Fatigue, Stress and Responsibility



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