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Ideas for When You Are Housebound with Chronic Illness

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Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home With Chronic Illness

It can be challenging and sometimes impossible to get out of the house when living with chronic illness.

These articles offer ideas for the chronically ill who are housebound:

Things to Do When You’re Mostly Housebound

When Your Chronic Illness Leaves You Housebound

Activities for Housebound People

28 Fun Things to Do When You’re Bored and Sick at Home

39 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV When You Have a Chronic Illness

Why You Should Get Your Daily Nature Fix (Even When You’re Housebound)

Enjoying Nature When You’re Housebound with Chronic Illness

What Exercise Can I Do While Stuck in Bed?

12 Ways to Help a Homebound Senior Stay Involved in Life

10 Ways to Make Money From Home with a Chronic Illness

Coping with the Isolation and Loneliness of Chronic Illness

Getting Through Difficult Days with Chronic Illness


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