Posted by: seattledizzygroup | October 31, 2018

Chronic Illness Dilemmas

Dilemma Question 3.png

Strategies for Making Decisions with Unpredictable Health

It can be challenging to make decisions with unpredictable health.  The uncertainty of fluctuating symptoms and fatigue makes it difficult to plan ahead and keep commitments.  A common dilemma for the chronically ill is when to say “yes” to making plans and when to say “no” to invitations.  It is important to practice self care and pacing, consider the opportunity costs and possible health impact of activities, and try to find a good balance between pushing yourself sometimes and also knowing your limits.

These articles offer suggestions for common chronic illness dilemmas:

“Should I or Shouldn’t I?” The Dilemmas of Chronic Illness

6 Things to Do Before You Say “Yes”

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Say “Yes”

Sometimes Saying “No” Isn’t An Option

How Chronic Illness Fans the Flames of Uncertainty


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