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Finding the Balance Within the Mind Body Connection

Mind Over What Matters

Change Your Mind to Change Your Body

Finding the Balance Within the Mind-Body Connection

by LeLa Becker

of Passionate Path Coaching

 (Presented to Seattle Dizzy Group on 3/10/18)

This presentation discusses the mind-body connection and how The Mind Over What Matters System can help restore a healthy mind-body balance with techniques to release negative emotions, alleviate stress and anxiety, and reframe outlook to invite healing.

Controlling our thoughts for the sake of our physical health is a foreign concept, but I will explain. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. If our mind starts to gather false evidence about a situation, and if we start to think of that false evidence appearing real, then our body starts to flush with hormones. If our bodies do not react, and utilize these hormones, then they get stored in our bodies, this in turn will start to have negative effects on our physical bodies.

For example let’s link fear, anxiety, the gallbladder and shoulder pain. If we start to worry about our performance at work, panic sets in and our hormonal glands start to secret. Chemical signals are sent into the body, but the body does not react (we do not run from the tiger), thus the unused hormones get stored in our bodies. The gallbladder, often is over worked as it is with unhealthy eating habits and more and it is then unable to rid the unused chemicals fast enough. The gallbladder will start to clench in tight, trying to squeeze out unwanted entities, as this is its natural function. The meridian that follows the gallbladder then starts to constrict up directly pulling onto our shoulders. The tightness in our shoulders then sends a signal to our brain. The neck may become stiff, the jaw may hurt and all this extra stress on the body creates worry and anxiety and the vicious cycle starts all over again.

So what does this all mean? If we can learn to control the way we think about fear, then we can help to relax the central nervous system and the hormonal flush that happens when we are stressed, thus reducing the stress that is created in our body.

I would like to invite you to change thoughts around FEAR from False Evidence Appearing Real to Feel Everything And Relax.

Our minds have the ability to control us. Tricking our bodies to react in a certain way. It is our path to learn the tools to not allow that to happen.

Find Your Grounding Mudra

Close your eyes.
Drop your shoulders away from your ears.
Inhale and exhale through your nose. (Repeat three times).
Your thumb is your grounding point.
Touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb.
Notice how that makes you feel.
Touch the tip of your middle finger to your thumb.
Touch the tip of your ring finger to your thumb.
Touch the tip of your pinky finger to your thumb.
Stay with each one for a moment and realize how each one makes you feel.
Go back and piano key your fingers, one by one, noticing each one and how it makes you feel in your body.
Notice if it helps you relax your mind.
Use this mudra throughout your day to bring balance to the moment.

*Breathing in and out through your nose activates the central nervous system and triggers the pituitary gland to secrete hormones that help relax the body and decrease anxiety. With shoulders back to open the lungs, try to take deep breaths all the way down through the belly.

Find Your Feet

Stand on your feet.
Close your eyes and stand up tall.
Draw all of your energy and attention to your feet.
Feel all parts of them.
Feel the outsides, the broad middle, the heel, and the toes.
Feel the way they connect with the earth.

Notice how drawing your attention to your feet can train your mind and relax your central nervous system to feel more balanced.

*This exercise can also be done seated for those with imbalance. If seated, then try to sit up straight with feet flat on the ground. If you are unable to close your eyes due to dizziness, then try to focus your eyes on something stable. You can also try closing your eyes only halfway. As you are comfortable, try to work up to closing your eyes.

Feeling your feet combined with your mudra will bring attention to the body, resulting in a relaxed central nervous system.

The River

A few years ago a group of friends, including my younger sister and I, went white water rafting down the Deschutes River in Oregon. It was a beautiful day. The west coast sun danced on the river. I had not rafted since a few years earlier when I spent the summer on the Colorado River in a tent.   At the mouth of the canyon, we strapped on our life vest and loaded into our boat. The first 30 minutes was supposed to be leisurely float. An easy way to prepare for the upcoming rapids.  We all took a seat on the edge of the 8-man raft.  It had only been 5 minutes before the boat took a sharp left turn into what is called ‘a washing machine’. Its a swirling vortex of strong water, usually created around a large rock. The boat started bucking as it skipped along the violent waves. Our guide seemed to have everything under control.  I looked at him with a sigh of relief, I exhaled, and with that sigh, I was no longer in the boat. Thrown out, on my back, and swiftly pulled into the vortex by a wave that the other passengers say was like a hand that shot out of the water.

The icy water punctured my skin and the vortex took me in. My initial reaction was to kick, struggle, fight my way to the top. The sounds of the waves flooded my ear drums and my survival instincts were racing. My empty lungs became expired and I needed to inhale. I popped to the surface for a quick second, barely able to take in a soggy breath; half air, half water. Actually not quiet a breath at all, more a glimpse into my short future. I panicked. I was sure my future would fade quickly, if I couldn’t recover another breath. I was fighting, and struggling, and working hard, and kicking my way to the surface, but the river apologetically, continued to swallow me. Then, I heard my sisters muffled scream from the boat, and through the water. She yelled “Stop Fighting!” “Let Go!”

And so I did……

Pure exhaustion of futile attempts, I resigned myself to my watery grave. What did I have to loose? I stopped fighting. I closed my eyes and I let go! At that moment my life vest sucked me right to the surface, belly up. I pushed away from the rock and floated on my back. The sun was shinning, the surface of the water had a much appreciated layer of warmth and a red band trout jumped right over my torso.  I laid there for a while, before my boat could come pick me up. It was in those few moments of solitude, that I realized my path.

It occurred to me, as that fish jumped over my body, that my life is the river. “Rivers will flow, no matter what. I could struggle and get sucked down or I could let go and float. Rivers (lives) will keep moving. Yes, often there will be a rock or a scary, confusing vortex, but rivers and life will continue to flow.  We can try to fight, kick, and push against it but more often than not the river will win; taking us with it. I learned, that day in the vortex, the importance of letting go and allowing the river of life to take us where we need to be.”

This material is the intellectual property of Passionate Path Coaching and LeLa Becker. Created in Seattle, Wa 2015

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LeLa Becker

of Passionate Path Coaching

LeLa Becker is the Founder of Passionate Path Coaching and the Creator of The Mind Over What Matters System. She is a Psychonueroimmunologist and intuitive and integrative coach. She specializes in relaxation, stress reduction, and clearing out the clutter to see what paths your lives can lead you to.  She is a certified Homeopath, Ayurveda Therapist, Tantra Philosopher, 500 ERYT Yoga Certified, Zen Meditation Teacher, Aromatherapist and Alchemist, Neurologist and Quantum healing enthusiast.  Her path in life is to help as many people experience bliss as possible. She believes that by doing introspective work and taking control of our minds, we can set our bodies free.

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