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Balance and Falls Prevention Awareness

September 18-24, 2017 is Balance Awareness Week!

The goal of Balance Awareness Week is to “Defeat Dizziness” by reducing the time it takes to diagnose a vestibular disorder.

Through Balance Awareness Week, the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) hopes to raise public awareness about vestibular disorders and encourage people who have experienced symptoms like dizziness or vertigo to become informed about their condition and seek help from a vestibular specialist.  Increased awareness can reduce the time it takes patients to receive a diagnosis and put them on the road to recovery.

Find out how you can get involved at

The human balance system is complex, involving the inner ear, eyes, joints & muscles, and brain. When one part of the system is damaged by disease or injury debilitating dizziness and imbalance can result.

To learn more about vestibular and balance disorders, visit:

Balance Awareness Articles:

Raise Balance Awareness

Balance Awareness Facts, Figures & Trivia

A Balancing Act: Improving Balance and Preventing Falls

Exercise & Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance 


September 22-28, 2017 is Falls Prevention Awareness Week!

Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, unintentional injuries, and hospital admissions for trauma. Falls can take a serious toll on older adults’ quality of life and independence. The first week of Fall each year is Falls Prevention Awareness Week with the goal of spreading the message that falls are preventable.

More information about Falls Prevention Awareness Week:

September 22, 2017 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day!

This year is the tenth annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day which is celebrated on the first day of fall.  In honor of this notable milestone, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) has chosen the theme 10 Years Standing Together to Prevent Falls. This event raises awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults.

More information about Falls Prevention Awareness Day:

Falls Prevention Resources:

Falls Prevention Fact Sheet

NCOA List of Falls Prevention Articles

Help Raise Awareness with Seattle Dizzy Group!


In celebration of Balance Awareness Week and Falls Prevention Awareness Day/Week, Seattle Dizzy Group will host our Seventh Annual Walk for Balance Event on Saturday, September 23, 2017 (12-2:30 pm at Green Lake).  Join us for this fun community event where we will “Walk a Mile in Dizzy Shoes” together to help create greater awareness for vestibular and balance disorders and show our support for people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance–in Seattle and beyond.

Event details:

(Also, find out how Seattle Dizzy Group is Making a Difference for Balance Awareness) 


Walk for Balance TM

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