Posted by: seattledizzygroup | January 31, 2014

Living with a “New Normal” in the New Year


How to Start the New Year in a Healthy Way with a Chronic Illness

For people living with a chronic vestibular or balance disorder, the month of January is often a time of recovery from the busy December holiday season.  Take adequate time to rest and rejuvenate, and when you are ready to embrace the New Year, pace yourself and make sure any expectations or goals you have are reasonable and attainable in light of the challenges of living with a “new normal” of chronic dizziness and imbalance.  These articles offer practical suggestions for starting the New Year in a healthy way with a chronic illness:

6 Reasons the Chronically Ill Should Shun Making Resolutions
My New Year’s Wishes for the Chronically Ill
New Year, New You: Tips for Better Health
Making New Year’s Goals That Stick


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