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September Balance Awareness Activities

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) celebrates its 16th annual Balance Awareness Week September 16th-22nd, 2012.  The goal of Balance Awareness Week is to “defeat dizziness” by helping people recognize the symptoms of a vestibular disorder, and urging them to seek help from a professional vestibular specialist. In addition, VEDA encourages the friends, family and coworkers of those suffering from a vestibular disorder to learn more about how balance dysfunction can impact their loved one’s ability to perform common day-to-day activities.

Find out more about Balance Awareness Week and how you can help VEDA raise awareness about the challenges of living with a vestibular disorder:

We’re excited for Seattle Dizzy Group to join VEDA this September in raising awareness about balance disorders with these activities:

Speaker on Balance – Saturday, September 8th – Noon-2 pm at PBRC

At our September dizzy support group meeting, we will have a guest speaker, Sherry Olsen, PT, of Pacific Balance.  She will be sharing and discussing the following with us:

A Balancing Act: Strategies for Improving Balance and Preventing Falls   

Improving your balance can be a balancing act between presenting yourself with balance challenges and maintaining  your safety and preventing falls. We will discuss strategies for better balance and we’ll also talk about falls including prevention, how to fall and how to get up if you do fall.

See the Events page for more information:

Event on Facebook:

2nd Annual Balance Awareness Walk – Saturday, September 22nd at Noon

We’ll be getting together on the afternoon of Saturday, September 22nd to create awareness for balance issues by walking Greenlake together.  Please save the date.  More details to come.

See the Events page for more information:

Event on Facebook:

Book Donations for Pacific Balance Library

Pacific Balance currently has a small library of books available for patients of PBRC and dizzy group members to check out and borrow.  This September we hope to expand the library through book donations.  We encourage you to donate new or gently used books which you’ve personally found helpful about balance dysfunction and vestibular disorders of all types and related topics (diet, alternative therapies, migraine, chronic illness/fatigue, etc.).  You may also donate DVDs on these topics.

We’ll be collecting library donations at our September 8th dizzy support group meeting, or you may drop off books and DVDs to Pacific Balance anytime during office hours (8 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday).  Or, you may send library donations by mail.  (We suggest using USPS Media Mail or ordering online and shipping directly from a store with free shipping).  Mail to:  Seattle Dizzy Group c/o Pacific Balance and Rehabilitation Clinic  400 Mercer, Suite 302  Seattle, WA 98109

Books Currently Available in PBRC Library:

Balance:  In Search of the Lost Sense by Scott McCredie

Brain & Behavior:  An Introduction to Biological Psychology by Bob Garrett

Brain Tricks:  Coping with Your Defective Brain by David Weiner

Brain Wave Vibration:  Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life by Ilchi Lee

Heal Your Headache:  The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain by David Buchholz

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine Aron

Intro to Mind, Body, and Brain by Angus Gellatly

The Migraine Brain:  Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health by Carolyn Bernstein

Minding My Mitochondria: How I Overcame Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Got Out of My Wheelchair by Terry Whals

Visual & Vestibular Consequences of Acquired Brain Injury by Irwin B. Suchoff

Donate to VEDA and Receive a Free Book or DVD:  Balance Awareness Week participants who raise $50 or more will receive a free book or DVD from VEDA (selections include Balancing Act, Ménière’s Disease – What You Need To Know, BPPV – What You Need to Know, and a DVD with segments on managing symptoms, cognitive & psychological impacts, diagnosis and treatment).  Consider raising funds personally, donating $50 or more to VEDA, and then donating the free book or DVD you receive from VEDA to the PBRC library.  For more information see: (under Fundraising Activities & Events section).

Or, purchase resources for the PBRC library from VEDA’s online store:

BALANCE Wristbands

Raise awareness for balance disorders by wearing a BALANCE wristband.  Also, consider giving wristbands to your friends and family so they can show their support.  Wristbands may be purchased for $2 each at Pacific Balance or at any monthly support group meeting while supplies last.  Funds raised from wristband sales help support Seattle Dizzy Group.

To purchase wristbands online, click the “Donate” link on our Facebook Fan Page (, or send a donation directly from your PayPal account to our group email address (  If you would like wristbands mailed to you, please add $2 for shipping within the U.S. ($4 for international shipping), and be sure to include your mailing address with your donation.

Donate to Seattle Dizzy Group

We are an independent and self-supporting group that is funded entirely through donations.  Consider supporting our group with a donation.  To make a donation of any amount through PayPal, click the “Donate” link on our Facebook Fan Page( or send a donation directly to  We will use donations we receive for group activities and expenses, including website, support group meetings (speaker gifts, supplies, etc.) and resources (VEDA info, library books, etc.).  Gifts to Seattle Dizzy Group are not tax deductible.

Hope you’ll join us in helping to raise awareness for balance disorders this September!

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