2013 Events

2013 Meetings & Activities

December 2013

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Dec. 7th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

This meeting we will have a Friends & Family Potluck.

This will be a fun time and a great opportunity to show our appreciation for those who help and care for us as well as a chance for our loved ones to learn more about vestibular disorders and the challenges of living with chronic dizziness and imbalance.  We’ll invite friends and family to share their perspective with us and give them the opportunity to ask questions so that they might better understand what we’re going through.  We’ll also plan to share suggestions for how others might offer support to us.

Please bring something yummy to share for a light potluck lunch.

(Note:  There are no kitchen facilities).

Invite your friends and family.  Or, come by yourself.  No guests required.

November 2013

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Nov. 2nd – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library
This meeting we will have a Guest Speaker on the topic of

“Chiropractic Therapy.”

Dr. Sarah Deam, DC of Westlake Chiropractic and Integrative Health Care Center will share and discuss with us about how chiropractic therapy can help with the management of vestibular/balance dysfunction.  Dr. Deam will give an overview of chiropractic therapy, including basic anatomy of the spine as well as how and why adjustments are made.  She will explain how misalignments of the upper cervical region, jaw, and feet contribute to balance issues.  We will also learn tips for better balance, including addressing fallen arches, the importance of wearing supportive shoes, and how to stretch properly at home.  Feel free to come with questions.

More information about our speaker:  http://westlakedc.com/blog/dr_deam/

October 2013

Support Group Meeting – Sat, Oct. 12th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

This meeting we will be celebrating 7 years together!

October marks seven years that we have been meeting as a support group.  We will plan to share group highlights and favorite personal memories from the past seven years and also hear your suggestions and ideas for the future.

As part of our celebration, you will have the chance to win a drawing for a FREE Seattle Dizzy Group logo t-shirt!

September 2013

Walk for Balance – Sat, September 21st – 11 am-1 pm at Green Lake

In the spirit of Balance Awareness Week (September 16-22, 2013) and Falls Prevention Day (September 22, 2013), Seattle Dizzy Group will host our Third Annual Balance Awareness Walk on Saturday, September 21st. We hope to help create greater awareness for vestibular/balance disorders and show our support for people living with chronic dizziness and imbalance by walking together around Green Lake.

Please join us as we Walk for Balance!

Come support a good cause, enjoy a scenic walk, and meet great people!

This is a fun, family, dog friendly event.

Invite your friends & family (all ages) & feel free to bring your dog (on leash).

Everyone is welcome.

Wear blue for balance!

We will walk rain or shine.

This event is FREE to attend.

Also, participate in a raffle to win Seattle Dizzy Group logo items!


We will meet in the Green Lake Library Meeting Room at 11 am (when the library opens) and enjoy refreshments before we leave at 11:30 am to walk Green Lake together.

Non-walkers can hang out together & enjoy snacks in the Meeting Room.

After the walk, we hope you will join us for lunch (provided) and a special guest speaker, Julie Grove MPT of Cascade Dizziness & Balance PT (1-3 pm).

(See speaker/discussion details below)

See Walk for Balance page for more details about this event.

For more information about Balance Awareness Week and to help the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) “Defeat Dizziness”:  https://vestibular.org/BAW

For more information about Falls Prevention Day:  http://www.ncoa.org/improve-health/center-for-healthy-aging/falls-prevention/falls-prevention-awareness.html

Special Guest Speaker – Sat, Sept. 21st – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

After celebrating Balance Awareness Week with our Walk for Balance from 11 am-1 pm, we are very excited to have a Special Guest Speaker Julie Grove, MPT of Cascade Dizziness & Balance PT share and discuss with us!


Come learn about the role of vestibular rehabilitation for treating symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium, nausea and anxiety.  Julie will explain the tenets of vestibular rehabilitation and balance physical therapy including evaluation, treatment, prognosis, barriers to treatment, and facilitators for recovery.  She will also cover the concepts of central compensation including functional vs. physiological compensation, de-compensation, and failure to compensate related to inner ear dysfunction.

Our speaker:  http://cascade-dizziness.com/our-physical-therapists/julie-grove-mpt/

Lunch will be provided by Cascade Dizziness & Balance Physical Therapy.


August 2013

No Support Group Meeting

We are taking a short summer break and will not meet this month.

 July 2013

Support Group Meeting – Sat, July 13th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

This meeting our discussion topic will be “Travel/Vacation Tips.”

We will plan to talk about the challenges of traveling/vacationing with a vestibular/balance disorder and discuss strategies for how to prepare for, make the most of, and recover from travels and vacations of all sorts.  Come ready to learn tips and share tricks for coping with and managing symptoms while traveling/vacationing.  Bring your favorite travel aids to show the group.

June 2013

Support Group Meeting – Sat, June 8th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

This meeting we will have a Friends & Family Potluck.

Friends and family play such an important role in our lives and we want them to know how much they are appreciated!  At this meeting, we’ll plan to focus on the loved ones who help support and care for us. We’ll give our guests the chance to share their perspective with us, and we’ll be sure to let them know how grateful we are for all they do for us.  Friends and family will also have the opportunity to ask questions and hear suggestions for how they might offer support to us.

Please bring something yummy to share for a light potluck lunch.

(Note:  There are no kitchen facilities).

Invite your friends and family.  Or, come by yourself.  No guests required.

May 2013

Support Group Meeting – Sat, May 11th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library

This meeting we are excited to have a Guest Speaker, Brett Lezamiz, PT, DPT, OCS of Pilates Seattle International who will share and discuss with us.

Vestibular Rehabilitation from a Pilates Point of View

Pilates isn’t just about core strength or cranking out The Hundred.  It is a discipline with six core tenets: centering, concentration, control, precision (quality vs. quantity), breath and flow that can add depth and variety as well as improved balance and stability to a vestibular rehabilitation program.  Come learn and practice strategies to integrate basic Pilates principles and exercises into your vestibular rehabilitation.

About our speaker:  http://www.pilatesseattle.com/physical-therapy/therapists/brett/

At this meeting, we will also be talking about Balance Awareness Week (September 16-22, 2013) and how you can get involved in helping the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) raise awareness for inner ear balance disorders.  This year, Seattle Dizzy Group will be working closely with VEDA to arrange local Balance Awareness Week activities.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help with a steering committee that will plan events and activities around the city of Seattle.  Please consider being a BAW volunteer.  With your help, we can make Balance Awareness Week 2013 a success!

April 2013

Support Group Meeting – Sat, April 13th – 1-3 pm at Green Lake Library
This meeting our discussion topic will be:

Maximizing Activity & Managing Fatigue.”

We will plan to talk about understanding your personal limits in order to maximize energy and manage fatigue.  Come ready to learn tips and share ideas for how to keep your activity level from exceeding your energy level.

Upcoming Events:

See Calendar for upcoming Meetings & Activities details.

*Seattle Dizzy Group meetings and activities are open to the public and are not sponsored by The Seattle Public Library.*

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