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Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips

The challenges of living with a vestibular or balance disorder can increase holiday stress and fatigue.  These articles offer ways to survive and enjoy the holiday season with a chronic illness:

Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Joy and Peace

How to Enjoy Holiday Traditions When Chronically Ill

Surviving the Holidays When You’re Chronically Ill

Ways to Make the Holidays Easier When You’re a Spoonie

Holiday Survival Tips from Chronic Illness Warriors

When Poor Health and Holidays Collide

Educating Loved Ones about Your Health During the Holidays

Things I Wish People Knew about Being Chronically Ill During the Holidays

Hearing Loss and the Holidays

Keep Loved Ones with Hearing Loss Close this Holiday Season

Stress, Depression and the Holidays: Tips for Coping

Traveling with Dizziness

The Spoon Theory

Happy Holidays!

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